The latest markets news from Latin America

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Retire to Arizona? Seriously?

For generations, U.S. retirees have had a love affair with the region known as the Sunbelt. Is that sustainable?

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Judge orders Texas to move floating barrier used to deter migrants from middle of Rio Grande

The decision by U.S. District Judge David Ezra is a victory for President Joe Biden's administration, which sued after Texas put the wrecking ball-sized buoys on the water in early July

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Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion nationwide

Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalized abortion nationwide Wednesday, two years after ruling that abortion was not a crime in one northern state.

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This Ecuadorean city in the Andes has perfect weather — and you can retire there for as little as $1,500 a month

“If the place you live in doesn’t delight and amaze you every day, you’re doing it wrong. And that’s how I feel about Cuenca,” says Saralee Squires.

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Florida braces for the arrival of Idalia, which is forecast to become a major hurricane

Tropical Storm Idalia formed Sunday in the Gulf of Mexico on a potential track to come ashore as a hurricane in the southern U.S., the National Hurricane Center said.

More from Latin America

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Why some of today’s hottest pop songs aren’t in English

The music industry is going increasingly global, with songs from artists like Peso Pluma, Shakira, Bad Bunny and BTS landing in the Top 10.

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‘Own what the Mother of All Bubbles crowd doesn’t’: This market strategist expects stagflation and is investing for it now.

"The bond market is saying the Fed is going to remain tight and seriously consider another rate hike in September," strategist Keith McCullough says.

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Texas’s buoys in Rio Grande have triggered Mexican government concerns, says State Department

Gov. Greg Abbott's sprawling ‘Operation Lone Star’ program continues to face legal challenges.

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Oil prices settle higher as traders weigh potential for changes to global supplies

Oil futures settle modestly higher on Thursday, buoyed by news that Citigroup has suggested OPEC may need to cut production further, but reports that the U.S. may ease sanctions on oil from Venezuela limit price gains.

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Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa debate whether to expand BRICS bloc

Leaders of some of the developing world's most important economies turned Wednesday to the main business of their summit in South Africa, a day after a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the gathering an anti-...

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