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Retirement news and analysis

From MarketWatch:

Social Security’s COLA: What is the best way to calculate the increase?: Some legislators suggest changing the way benefits are adjusted. Here’s a chart breaking down the differences of two major indices. 

These are the ‘Golden Bachelor’ contestants with a ‘zest for life,’ vying for a chance at love: ABC revealed the 22 contestants in this new twist on “The Bachelor,” premiering this fall. 

Will you be ‘cheated’ out of your last Social Security check?: Here’s what you should know about a person’s last Social Security check. 

Also on MarketWatch: 

‘We’re growing food for others. We’re close to nature. We’re doing what we love.’ How to retire like a farmer.

The 6 ‘affordable’ financial mistakes that paid off

I’m 70 and am thinking of going back to work to qualify for Social Security. Should I?

Here’s how much 401(k) contribution limits are likely to rise next year

IRS says high earners can wait until 2026 to put catch-up contributions into a Roth. Why not start now?

A major factor behind the drop in disability rolls is ‘retraining’ of judges

These much-loved volunteers swoop in to rescue animals in communities struck by disasters

More in retirement news:

How to Manage Parent PLUS Student Loans as You Near Retirement (Kiplinger)

Jimmy Kimmel was ‘very intent on retiring’ until this got in the way (New York Post)

Now that we’re retired, is it time to move to Kansas? (Wall Street Journal

There Are Special Retirement Risks For The Upper-Middle Class (Forbes)

USWNT star Julie Ertz officially announces retirement from soccer (FOX Sports)

Business abandoned retirement plan and left former employees owed thousands, feds say (The Sacramento Bee)

Research and Insight:

Pension vs. 401(k): Which retirement option wins in an inflationary environment? (Morningstar)

Americans Embrace AI for Senior Home Care: Nationwide (The Street)

Almost half of retirees want to go back to work, not always for money (InvestmentNews)

Early Omicron infection is associated with increased reinfection risk in older adults in long-term care and retirement facilities (The Lancet)

Workers in Nontraditional Jobs May Lack Choices (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

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